Why Test

Why should I have PAT safety testing done?

pat safety testingThere are a number of health and safety laws that effectively make PAT safety testing a requirement, failure to do so can invalidate insurances and/or lead to fines or even prison

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 places a legal responsibility on both employers and the self-employed to take practical steps to ensure no danger results from the use of electrical equipment

To achieve compliance with these legal requirements you must be able to provide proof that your electrical systems are safe, this necessitates thorough inspection and testing and the creation and maintenance of proper records. This process is known as Portable Appliance Testing.

Faulty electrical appliances are major causes of fire as well as personal injury and as such many insurance companies insist businesses adopt a regular programme of inspection and PAT testing

Failure to comply may invalidate your insurance policy leaving you liable

Keeping Your Appliances Safe is a legal requirement

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